Flash Designs

Occasionally I would be asked to make props or designs for an episode of Kung Fu Karl, so here is a collection of props that I made while working on this series. You can click on the picture to view the full size.

After building a Flash Character Rig, I usually like to do a quick animation test to make sure it works and is "Flash Friendly". I did this when I had to build Rafiki from scratch for "Simbama".

These were some deisgns and concepts that I gave Machinima for the Minion Escape short I designed, directed,and animated for them.

On bigger projects, I will make a complete character build as you can see above, with a 180 degree or full turn if necessary. Each build is its own symbol complete with a "HeadComp".

This is a multi-layer background that I created for my Tooth and Claw project. I wanted a background that panned in perspective to create the illusion of 3D. It was entirely created and animated in Flash. This is a test video of the attempt. The final version that was used included a few adjustments so everything moved the way it was supposed to. You can see in this test version that not everything moved perfectly on this attempt.

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